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Organic SEO Original Copywriting Example

This is an example of some organic SEO original copywriting that we did for Johno Tours an Australian based tour company.  The majority of visitor traffic that Johno Tours receives is from the one particular web page shown below that we wrote for them.  The SEO target focus is State and Country level and attracts visitors from within Australia and all around the World.  We performed organic SEO work on several other Johno Tours web pages with successful high ranking search engine results as well.  We also assisted Johno Tours on developing a sitewide SEO strategy and suggested some marketing ideas such as the video they have now added to their home page.  Mystery can be fun and exciting, but for the most part people generally want to know what to expect.  The addition of the tour video has been very effective and we hope to see some of our other marketing ideas implemented.  Ian, the owner of Johno Tours, has added his own personal wording to the original SEO copywriting, which adds a very nice authentic personal touch.

AITpro no longer offers this product or service.

Organic SEO Copywriting for Johno Tours

View the actual web page with organic SEO copywriting we did for Johno Tours. Page no longer exists – Link has been removed – the site is undergoing new design. Hopefully the World Ranking content will be re-used on another page. 😉

Google Search Results for this page

Search Terms Google Ranking Search Term Total Results
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australia group camping tours 8 873,000
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australia camping trips 9 5,960,000
queensland australia camping tours 9 201,000
queensland australia group camping tour 4 578,000
queensland australia guided camping trips 3 131,000
queensland australia camping trips 3 158,000
queensland guided group camping tours 2 658,000
queensland guided group adventure tours 1 832,000
queensland guided camping tours 6 554,000
queensland guided camping trips 5 134,000
queensland camping trips 6 177,000












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