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Matching WordPress Blog Website

Matching WordPress Blog Website for EZ Dry Carpet.

AITpro no longer offers this product or service.

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Matching WordPress Blog Website - EZ Dry Carpet

EZ Dry Carpet requested that we design a matching WordPress Blog website to match their main website identically.  The matching WordPress Blog website is a self contained website installed and integrated into their domain and main website and will allow EZ Dry to quickly and easily broaden their search term and search topic ranges and ranking capabilities.  The new visitor traffic that the EZ Dry Blog website brings in will be easily directed to the main site via the left navigation links pointing to their main website pages.  For this particular design we modified the original graphics from the main website to work with their matching WordPress Blog Website.  This is an example of a DIY+ website design package.  The “+” sign signifying that EZ Dry opted to have us design their Blog to identically match their main website.  EZ Dry will be adding their own website content and performing the SEO on their Blog website.  We provide full SEO training on all the website packages that we offer, including the basic DIY website packages.

Click to view the EZ Dry Carpet Blog Website and compare the matching WordPress Blog website with their main website.

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