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HTML website template designed for Big Country Amusements.  This HTML website template is using auto sizing inner tables for the inner website HTML template pages to display correctly in all desktop resolution sizes and is cross browser compatible with all popular browsers.  The side navigation bar is using CSS hover links with custom graphics.  This HTML website design is using a master CSS stylesheet to make formatting changes sitewide fast and simple.  The overall concept for this HTML website template was “BIG” and of course entertaining.  As you can see from the design layout for this HTML website template home page we feel that we nailed the “big” design aspect.  Depending on your industry AITpro can custom design an HTML website template to best suit your industry and products and services.  Top search engine ranking is one of the benefits of choosing AITpro for website design and SEO.  It’s just as important to create the  correct image as it is to rank at the top of the search engines.  Having one or the other pretty much puts you in no man’s land as far as conversions go.  An HTML website template has it’s benefits and it’s disadvantages.  To find out more about when and how you should choose and use HTML website templates contact us.

AITpro no longer offers this product or service.

Did you say BIG?  We can do that!

HTML Website Template – BCA Home Page
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HTML Website Design Template - Big Country Amusements

HTML Website Template – BCA Inner HTML Page
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HTML Website Template Inner Page

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