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HTML Template Matching WordPress Template | Matching HTML and WordPress Templates

This particular client found a WordPress Template that they wanted to use for their Blog and then requested to have their main HTML template website designed to look similar, but not exactly like the WordPress template.  The WordPress template or Theme that they liked was the Mystique WordPress Theme.  It is a beautifully designed WordPress Template Theme, both visually (front end) and back end for it’s built-in features, options and advanced functionality.  We made minor visual design additions and changes to the WordPress template.  We used the background graphic from the Mystique WordPress Theme for their HTML template website background and then created the rest of the graphics for the HTML template to resemble the look and feel of the Mystique WordPress Theme template.

The HTML Template website SEO was done by AITpro and this particular HTML website / template now holds the new record for the fastest results of any website we have every launched.  Within 3 hours of this website being indexexed and searchable on Google, Virginia Cable Networks had picked up a new customer contract.  This is confirmation that all the essential website elements are working together in harmony to produce positive effective results.  Very nice to have everything dialed in right from launch.  😉  90% of all AITpro customers are skeptical.  This is just the way it is and we expect this going into every new website design project.  We have had 1 unsatisfied customer during our entire website design and SEO history.  The client was warned that trying to sell Viagra online was a very bad idea and would probably not be very lucrative.  😉  AITpro no longer accepts clients who are trying to sell “spam” items or other products and services that are considered offensive or just garbage by our standards.

AITpro no longer offers this product or service.

All content for both the HTML template website and the WordPress template website was written and SEO’d by AITpro.

Matching HTML Template For The Main Website

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Matching HTML Website Template - VA Cable

View the client’s HTML website

WordPress Template Theme – Mystique

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Wordpress Matching Website Template - VA Cable - Mystique Theme

View the client’s WordPress Template – Mystique Theme

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