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AITpro Website Security

Primary Focus of AITpro Today

AITpro is primarily focused in the area of website security with sub focuses on advanced custom coding projects and advanced website design.  AITpro is no longer offering SEO and copywriting services.  Some Flash design and AS3 coding projects are still being accepted, but for the most part AITpro is primarily focused on website security protection.

Support Response Time:

Between the hours of 6am PST and 9pm PST – 2 hours.
Between the hours of 9:01pm PST and 5:59am PST – 8 hours.


“Support means Support”

Providing top notch Support is a standard at AITpro.  Real answers – Real solutions – On time – Every time.

Who We Are

AITpro is a team of professional website designers, coders and Flash coders/designers.  Each AITpro team member has a specialty that they excel in, but for the most part our website design and coding projects are a collaborative effort.  We may be working on several projects at any given time, but each member of the AITpro team is collectively involved in each project.  The primary project focus for AITpro at this time is the BulletProof Security plugin project.

WordPress Kicks @$$

The AITpro team is unanimously sold on the effectiveness of the WordPress (CMS) platform.  We have designed, coded, customized and optimized websites on just about every single website platform currently available and even some platforms that have faded away into obscurity.  WordPress is by far the easiest website platform for designing, coding, search engine optimization, maintenance and usability that we have ever worked with.

What Does The AITpro Acronym Stand For?

AITpro was originally an Information Technology consulting company founded by 15 year veteran Microsoft Certified Professional Ed Alexander.  The AITpro acronym originally stood for Alexander Information Technology Professional. The short client list for AITpro: Adlink Interconnect, AirTran Airways, American General, Ascent Media, Best Buy, Big Lots, Blockbuster, Cox Media, Chase, Dell, Embassy Suites, Espirit, Gap, Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Holiday Inn Express, KABC, KAZA, KCBS, KCOP, KEYT, KNBC, KRCA, KTLA, KTTV, Kohls, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Old Navy, ReelzChannel, Time Warner, Titan, USPTO, Visual Data, WaMu, WellPoint…  The AITpro acronym has since evolved into Advanced Internet Technology Professionals as of 2008.

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