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The DIY website design special deal packages are professional low cost WordPress website design alternatives geared for businesses that want a WordPress website professionally installed and configured with optimum WordPress configurations, plugins and technical settings. We offer the DIY WordPress Special Deals at these low prices because original copywriting, website design and search engine optimization is not included in the WordPress website package deal.The 5 Page and 10 Page Full WordPress Website Design special deals are geared for businesses that want a custom designed original WordPress website design with all original copywriting and all search engine optimization included in the package.Additional features (custom Flash movie, additional plugin installation and configuration, coding, etc.) and services (orginal copywriting, search engine optimization, custom design, etc.) can be added to these WordPress special deals and/or any of our website design deals. AITpro also offers complete website management services, where we manage all aspects of your website on an ongoing basis. Please contact us for more information about our managed website services.


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