Flash MSS Movie Overview & Ordering – Flash MSS Movie Reference Links

AITpro no longer offers this product or service.

The core Flash MSS movie is fully customizable to display and showcase your primary products and services.  The Flash MSS movie is a mini Flash website in itself.  You can choose to keep the default Flash MSS movie effects that are currently demonstrated in the AITpro Flash MSS movie or choose whichever custom Flash special effects you would like to change or add during the ordering process.  Use the Flash Movie Effects Chooser to test and select the Flash movie effects you want for your custom Flash MSS movie.

Hundreds of hours have gone into the core coding and design of the Flash MSS Movie.  The reason we can offer the Flash MSS Movie at such a low cost is that the core movie is already built.  We are adding your unique product and services images and customizing the core pre-built Flash MSS movie to your personal specifications.

How To Order Your Custom Flash MSS Movie

Links to the order forms for the Flash MSS movies are located in the Flash MSS Movie Reference Links section below.  The reference links also serve as a reference guide for filling out the Flash MSS movie order form.

 What We Need To Know To Get Started

– The dimensions you want for your custom Flash MSS movie.
– How many images you have and the order that they will be displayed in your Flash MSS movie.
– The Flash special effects (transition effects) that you want in your Flash MSS movie.
– How many MSS Movie Link Buttons and MSS Movie Master Buttons you want in your Flash MSS movie.
– Whether you want your Thumbnail image links to load images or link to your website pages.
– The URL link addresses for your Flash MSS movie button links and / or your image links.
– The sound effects, if any, that you want used in your Flash MSS movie.

Image Upload, Payment & Completion Time

The Flash MSS movie order forms contain an upload feature for you to upload your images.  Once you have submitted your order you will be sent to a secure SSL PayPal server to purchase your Flash MSS movie. All payment transactions are handled and processed through PayPal.  We do not process payment transactions directly on the AITpro website.  You will receive a confirmation email from AITpro as soon as we have received your PayPal payment.  The average time to create a custom Flash MSS movie is 4 hours.  Please allow 24 hours for your Flash MSS movie to be completed.  We will email you (or call you if you request a phone call) as soon as your custom Flash MSS movie is completed.

Flash MSS Movie Reference Links – Order Forms, Flash Effects Chooser, Design, Planning & Installation Guide

The detailed Flash MSS movie reference guide is provided to assist you in ordering the Flash MSS movie and also as a guide in planning and designing your custom Flash MSS movie to have the most effective maximum impact and memorable impression to your website visitors.  The reference links will open in separate web pages and take you directly to whichever reference link topic you click on.

Order Forms

– Flash MSS 200 Movie (200 Pixel Height) ….$149.95
– Flash MSS 270 Movie (270 Pixel Height) ….$189.95
– Flash MSS Movie Custom Height (any height other than 200 or 270 pixels) …..Quote
Flash MSS Movie Effects Chooser – Test & Select Your Flash Movie Special Effects
What Is Included and Not Included In The Total Cost of The Flash MSS Movie
Planning and Designing Your Custom Flash MSS Movie
Choosing Dimensions – The Height and Width of Your Custom Flash MSS Movie In Pixels
Flash MSS 270 Movie – 270 Pixel Height Version – 12 Thumbnail Images
Choosing Images – Image File Naming, Numbering, Selection, Choices and Specific Details
Thumbnail Image Linking Options – Choosing Dynamic Image Loading or Links To Website Pages
Flash MSS Movie Buttons – MSS Movie Link Buttons – MSS Movie Master Buttons
Hyperlinks – URL Website Links For Your Website and Website Pages
Sound Effects Files – Sound Effects Files For Buttons, Images or The Overall Flash MSS Movie
Installation – Complete Flash MSS Movie Installation Instructions – 5 To 15 Minute Installation Time
What Is The Flash Preloader Movie For?  What Does It Do?
Flash MSS Movie Design Concept, Planning, Research and Testing
Advertising and Marketing Tips For Your Custom Flash MSS Movie
100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 100% Money Back Guarantee
Flash MSS Movie Technical Assistance – Contact Information
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