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BulletProof Security WordPress Plugin Overview

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“The BulletProof Security WordPress plugin is designed to be a fast, simple and convenient one click way for you to switch between different levels of .htaccess website security and .htaccess maintenance modes (503 Website Under Maintenance) from within your WordPress Dashboard.  BPS blocks ALL XSS and SQL Injection hacking attempts.”

For FAQ’s, screenshots, questions, comments, wishlist requests and gripes please visit the BulletProof Security WordPress Plugin Support Page.

*** BPS Pro Release Dates ***

BulletProof Security Pro 5.0 >>> Released 8-04-2011
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*** BPS Free Version Release Dates ***

BulletProof Security Version .46.3 >>> Released 6-09-2011
BulletProof Security Version .46.2 >>> Released 4-24-2011
BulletProof Security Version .46.1 >>> Released 4-09-2011
BulletProof Security Version .46    >>> Released 3-09-2011
BulletProof Security Version .45.9 >>> Released 2-22-2011
BulletProof Security Version .45.8 >>> Releases 1-27-2011
BulletProof Security Version .45.7 >>> Released 12-31-2010

BulletProof Security Version .45.6 >>> Released 11-1-2010
BulletProof Security Version .45.5 >>> Released 10-18-2010
BulletProof Security Version .45.3 >>> Released 9-18-2010
BulletProof Security Version .45.2 >>> Released 8-13-2010
BulletProof Security Version .45.1 >>> Released 7-24-2010
BulletProof Security Version .45   >>> Released 7-22-2010

BPS .46.2 Guide 
BPS .46.2 Screenshots

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BPS .46.2 Specs
BPS .46.2 PHP Memory Usage > 100KB > .10MB
BPS .46.2 Total Disk Size > 768KB
BPS .46.2 Performance > Zero front end drag > Zero back end drag > Zero page load time added

*** Old Version Notice ***
*** All Information Contained Below is Outdated – Please use the BPS Guide link above for current version information ***

BulletProof Security Version .44.1 released 5/5/2010 now includes a backup and restore feature to backup and restore your original existing .htaccess files.  Download your /htaccess folder if you have Version .44 installed before upgrading to Version .44.1 and upload it back to the BulletProof Security plugin folder after you have upgraded.  Version .44.2 will NOT require this extra step.

WordPress is already very secure, but every website no matter what platform it is built on should be using a secure .htaccess file for website security protection against hackers.  The BulletProof Security WordPress plugin is a one click security and website maintenance solution solution that simply copies, renames and moves the provided .htaccess files in the BulletProof Security plugin folder to either your root folder or your wp-admin folder or both from within your WordPress Dashboard.  There is no need to access your website via FTP or your Web Host Control Panel in order to switch between BulletProof Security Maintenance Mode (503 Website Under Maintenance), WordPress Default .htaccess Mode and  BulletProof Security .htaccess Mode.  In BulletProof Security Mode your WordPress website is protected from ALL XSS and SQL Injection hacking attacks.

The BulletProof Security WordPress plugin includes several .htaccess master files that you can customize even further.  If you would like to use your own .htaccess security files, then just replace the BulletProof Security .htaccess master files with your own personal .htaccess files.  BulletProof’s primary function is to act as an .htaccess security file handler from within the WordPress Dashboard.  The BulletProof Security secure.htaccess file blocks XSS (Cross Site Scripting) & SQL Injection hacking attempts.   This plugin allows you to quickly switch with one click between default level, secure level and maintenance .htaccess modes in under 5 seconds without having to manually rename, modify or move .htaccess files via FTP or a web host Control Panel.

The BulletProof Security WordPress plugin is designed to be a fast, convenient and a simple one click way for you to switch between different levels of .htaccess website security and .htaccess maintenance mode.  The maintenance .htaccess file allows website developers or website owners to access and work on a website while a 503 Website Under Maintenance page is displayed to all other visitors to the website.  While your website is in BulletProof Maintenance mode your SERPs (search engine results page) rankings are not affected since the BulletProof Maintenance .htaccess mode sends all visitors to a custom “Website Under Maintenance” 503 page.  This is not done by redirecting visitors, which can hurt your SERPs.  The BulletProof Maintenance .htaccess file is using a Mod RewriteRule that sends all visitors to the custom “Website Under Maintenance” bp-maintenance.php page.  This custom and customizable website under maintenance page includes a Javascript countdown clock to let your visitors know when your WordPress website will be done with website maintenance and be back online.

BulletProof Security was originally designed to change the .htaccess modes for both the root folder and /wp-admin folder simultaneously.  At users requests the BulletProof plugin now allows you to control the root .htaccess file and /wp-admin .htaccess file separately.  Simpler is usually better.  NO .htaccess file writing or other file writing occurs in this version of BulletProof Security – ONLY .htaccess file copying, renaming and moving. BulletProof Pro includes file writing and more advanced functions.  (BulletProof Pro release date – TBA).

On a Personal Note

As a website developer the BulletProof Security plugin saves me hours of WordPress website development time.  I can can work on new WordPress websites directly on the client’s web host instead of having to build the site on in-house servers and then migrate  everything to the client’s web host once the WordPress website is completed.  BulletProof Maintenance mode allows only me, the website developer, access to view and work on the WordPress website.  The client and the rest of the world will see a “Website Under Maintenance” 503 message with a Javascript countdown clock displaying when the site will be “open” or back online.

For FAQ’s, screenshots questions, comments, wishlist requests and gripes please visit the BulletProof Security WordPress Plugin Support Page.

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