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BPS Free vs BPS Pro Feature Comparison

21 Comments RSS Site Feed Author: AITpro Admin
Published: November 18, 2011
Updated: July 12, 2013

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21 Comments to “BPS Free vs BPS Pro Feature Comparison”

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  3. John Jarvis says:

    Hi Edward.

    How is your other plugin coming along?

    Please send me the link when it is ready.


  4. I can see that BPS Pro will my solution – been deleting one hacked blog after another this year. At last I will be able to retain my blogs!

    Just one question before I purchase: Does it come with a single or a multi-domain license?

    Thanks and very best regards,

  5. karl says:

    Hi guys,

    do you have someone who can set up resp. finalize the setting for BPS Pro for a fee?

    Alternatively do you have a step-by-step video?

    I have done the steps ‘above’ the actual pages but would like to know how to proceed with the rest of the tasks. e.g. do I have to set up the .htaccess file myself or does BPS Pro do that for me? There seem to be different .htaccess files (e.g. root and wp-content?) which ones do I need?

    Can you help?


  6. terry.A says:


    SO as I am an absolute beginner not even a novice I have a question. If there is malware, or other dodgy hacking etc of my site, presumable, the Pro version can clean it up with the a few clicks and I don’t have to worry about it???

    Sorry for asking what may be an obvious question to the more technically learned individuals.


    • Dave says:


      after very recently being hacked by elcewad I would like to know the answer to Terry A’s question, fortunately we have daily backups so were able to get back on line quickly.



      • AITpro Admin says:

        Yep de-hacking a hacked website still requires human intervention and cannot be done automatically or magically. The coming future versions of BPS Pro will have Full Site AutoRestore and a new feature that we have not announced yet, but the same basic rule applies – the website must be clean / not hacked when BPS Pro is installed otherwise these new features will be negated. I think there is a common misunderstanding about what happens when a website is hacked. Typically a hacker wants to get files uploaded to your website that he can access over and over again remotely. They want control of your website for as long as they can have that control. I think a lot of people think that by cleaning up an obviously infected file that somehow the site is clean again. This is usually not the case. You will have files are injected with code and then you will have other hidden hacker files somewhere on your website that are allowing the hacker to inject your files using that hidden file. Typically backdoor hacker scripts are not detectable by scanners because they use all legitimate PHP coding that is not detected by any scanners – they are the delivery system file and the end result is a detectable file with malicious code in it. So cleaning up a hacked website completely means finding these files that are not detectable by any website scanners.

    • AITpro Admin says:

      No, BPS Pro cannot automatically clean up a website that has already been hacked and neither can any other plugin. BPS Pro is designed to protect your website from being hacked in the first place. There are lots of plugins that claim they can automatically clean up a hacked website, but that is not true because that is just not possible. A human being would have to do the steps to clean the website. The reason for this is the plugins that claim they can automatically clean up a hacked website will find all the files that have malicious code in them that are very easy to detect and clean, but the hacker files that will not be found are the backdoor scripts and payload files that will continue to just put the malicious code back into the files that were already cleaned – a thorough and complete “real” website cleanup requires human intervention and that you find all hackers files or you just do a restore from a good backup. Since dehacking a website takes hours and is very time consuming it is always simpler and faster just to restore a website from backup, which only takes minutes. BPS Pro does have some website dehacking tools in Pro-Tools, but to use them you would have to know how to dehack a website and what to look for so the best, simplest and quickest method to fix a hacked website is to restore it from a good backup.

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  8. John Jarvis says:

    Edward as far as i can see the Bulletproof Security Plugin is the best WordPress plugin in history and I am soooo looking forward to our webinar a week from Saturday. Don’t stop working to protect us but stop working so hard. I will be in touch at the first of next week.

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