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AITpro 100% Money Back GuaranteeAITpro 100% Money Back Guarantee*

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any of our products or services we offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

* All products and services provided by AITpro become copyrighted property of AITpro once a 30-day money back guarantee refund has been issued.  Unauthorized use of any AITpro products or services is not allowed under any circumstances.

AITpro is PayPal VerifiedAITpro is PayPal Verified

When making a payment to AITpro a link to our PayPal Member Information Box is provided on the PayPal Send Money Confirmation page before you send a payment. The Member Box provides information about our AITpro Member account creation date, account type and account status. Our Seller Reputation Number is also included in the Member Information Box.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service Guarantee

We typically achieve a top 10 Google page position ranking after we have search engine optimized a web page.  We usually achieve this ranking on our first round of SEO.  Additional search engine optimization is sometimes required to improve a web page search engine ranking to get it into the top 10 Google page positions.  These ranking results are for relevant competitive and popular keywords and keyphrases.

View Clients Google top 10 search engine rankings

As a legitimate SEO company we do not guarantee specific search engine ranking results.  What we can guarantee is to increase your website’s traffic by improving your web pages search engine ranking positions.  This includes writing effective meta tag descriptions under your links in the search engine results.  It is not enough just to get a top 10 Google page position if your link description does not cause someone to click on your link.

Please read Google’s SEO guide regarding SEO guarantees

We require a 50% deposit to start SEO and the final balance is due when we achieve either top 10 Google page rank for all of the mutually agreed upon keywords and keyphrases or a significant majority of the mutually agreed upon keywords and keyphrases.  You will not be charged additional fees if additional SEO is required by us to achieve top 10 page ranking positions.

Website Design Service Guarantee

We provide design mockups for new website designs or modifications to existing website designs.  Once you have chosen a particular website design mockup we require a 50% deposit to begin building your new site or modifying your existing website.  The final balance is due on website design completion.  There are no additional costs for website design changes made during the website build process and up to two weeks after website design completion.  Any additional website design changes requested after the two week website build completion date will require additional costs.  Successful website build completion is achieved when you are completely satisfied with your new website and/or modifications to your existing website.

Copywriting / SEO Copywriting Service Guarantee

We write effective well researched original copy that captures interest.  Our SEO copywriting is always very, very interesting to the Bots, Spiders and Crawlers.  What kind of copywriting guarantee can we offer?  We can guarantee to write something that creates excitement, appeal, trust or any other form of emotional response you want to elicit from your human visitors.  Effective copywriting should make you feel something not only about the words themselves, but also about the speaker.  Who is the speaker?

Flash Movie Design Service Guarantee

The Flash movie design process begins with an in-depth conversation with you about your products and services and the particular message and/or images you want to display in your Flash movie.  A Flash movie will be the first thing that a website visitor focuses on.  Our Flash movies capture a visitor’s attention immediately, set the overall tone of your website and clearly get your message across.  We design Flash movies as simple or as complex as you need them – from simple products and services animated displays to complex movie animations, effects and productions.  We guarantee to design a Flash movie that is exactly what you want and represents your website, business and products and services exactly the way you want it to.  The Flash design process is very similar to the website design process in that you can make changes before, during and after production without any additional charges. We require a 50% deposit to start designing your custom Flash movie and the final balance is due on completion of the movie.   Successful Flash movie completion is achieved when you are completely satisfied with your new custom Flash movie.

Check our WordPress Website Design Special Deals Store for website design special deals.  For website design quotes submit a website design quote form.  For search engine optimization (SEO) quotes submit a SEO & Copywriting quotes form.  For custom Flash movie design quotes submit a Flash movie design quotes form.  One of our professional website designers will respond to your quote request as quickly as possible.  For immediate quotes please call us at 805-651-8516.

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