Flash MSS 200 Movie …..$149.95

AITpro no longer offers this product or service.

Before filling out the Flash MSS 200 Movie order form have your movie image files and sound files, if any, ready for upload.  Image files should be named 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc.  Use the Flash MSS Movie Reference Links page to quickly find specific information and answers.  Please zip your image file uploads if possible.  The maximum file size allowed for form image file uploads is 8MB.  For larger file uploads please send an email to info@ait-pro.com so that we can direct you to our large file upload area.  Allowable file upload types are:  txt, zip, doc, rtf, xls, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, pdf, ai, psd and eps.  When you click submit to submit your order you will be automatically sent to a secure SSL PayPal server to purchase your Flash MSS movie.  Thank you.

Flash MSS Movie (200 Pixel Height) Order Form
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Movie Dimensions
Movie Image Files - Photos or Graphics
  1. Images should be named 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc. before submitting them to AITpro. See the Choosing Images section of the reference guide for details.
Movie Effects - Main Movie Transition Effects
  1. Select multiple effects for each image by pressing your ctrl key and clicking on each of them. At the end of this section you will be describing your movie effects in general. We will use your description to apply all the correct technical parameters to the effects you choose here.
Thumbnail Images - Dynamic Image Loading or Links?
  1. Thumbnail images are ordered from top left to bottom right. The top left most Thumbnail image is named Thumbnail 1. The bottom right most Thumbnail image is named Thumbnail 9. Choose which thumbnail images will load an image when clicked on or be a link to a web page. If the thumbnail is a link to a web page add the URL link to your website page (www.yourwebsite.com/your-website-page.html). If the thumbnail loads an image add the image name (1.jpg).
Movie Buttons - Movie Master and Movie Link Buttons
Movie Sound Effects – MP3 Sound Effects Files
  1. Custom sound effects files should be named 1.mp3, 2.mp3, 3.mp3, etc. before submitting them to AITpro. We will be adding a selection of sound effects files to choose from by 9-16-2010.
Security Verification
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