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Google Page Rank Results
Client: Championship Sports Training - updated 7-22-2009      
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SEO Package: Basic Organic SEO
AMP Package: None

SEO Work Start Date: 5-23-2009

SEO Work Completion Date: 5-25-2009
Original Keyword Target: Championship Sports Training
Keyword Target: Youth Athletic Sports Training
Additional Keywords Suggested and SEO'd by AITpro:
Online, Tools, Techniques, Skills, Programs, Videos, video analysis program
Keyword Target Page Rank: Google First Page Rank
Keyword Target Page Position: #1
Google SEO Results Successfully Achieved - Date: 5-30-2009
Google SEO Results Successfully Achieved - Days: 5 Days
Link Building: none
Directory Submission: none
Total SEO Time: 8 Days
Notes: one time basic SEO - no further SEO work after the initial SEO - page rank may have changed since initial SEO
Search String (clickable Google links) Page Rank Out of  
Sports Training
sports training online videos 2 71,000,000  
sports training online tools 1 89,500,000  
sports training online skills 1 64,900,000  
sports training online techniques 6 118,000,000  
sports training online programs 11 117,000,000  
Online Sports Training      
online sports training videos 18 143,000,000  
online sports training tools 6 82,800,000  
online sports training skills 3 33,700,000  
online sports training techniques 8 2,580,000  
online sports training programs 25 107,000,000  
Youth Athletics - Athletic Sports Training      
* Primary SEO Target      
youth athletics sports training 5 493,000  
youth athletic sports training 3 875,000  
youth athletic sports videos 2 1,620,000  
youth athletics sports online videos 1 27,900,000  
youth athletics training 3 500,000  
youth athletic sports skills 1 425,000  
youth athletic sports techniques 1 1,440,000  
youth athletic sports online programs 1 2,990,000  
youth athletic sports tools 1 609,000  
youth athletic sports online tools 1 453,000  
youth athletic sports live video 1 1,540,000  
Youth Sports Online Training      
youth sports online tools 3 18,300,000  
youth sports online training 14 15,300,000  
youth sports online techniques 3 1,010,000  
youth sports online training tools 3 1,020,000  
youth sports online training skills 11 1,930,000  
youth sports online training programs 9 2,190,000  
youth sports online training videos 4 2,130,000  
Youth Online Sports Training      
youth online sports training 10 18,000,000  
youth online sports training videos 5 5,450,000  
youth online sports training tools 1 1,490,000  
youth online sports training skills 3 2,660,000  
youth online sports training techniques 5 2.180.000  
youth online sports training programs 2 22,400,000  
Athletics Sports Training      
athletics sports training online 8 10,100,000  
athletics sports training videos 7 10,400,000  
athletics sports training techniques 7 25,000,000  
athletics sports training tools 2 1,400,000  
athletics sports training skills 5 2,060,000  
athletics sports training programs 19 20,000,000  
Athletics Sports Online      
athletics sports online videos 4 26,900,000  
athletics sports online techniques 1 796,000  
athletics sports online tools 1 12,900,000  
athletics sports online skills 2 1,590,000  
athletics sports online programs 11 11,100,000  
Youth Athletics Sports Coaching      
youth athletic sports coaching 3 23,500,000  
athletic sports coaching 12 11,400,000  


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