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Published: September 26, 2010
Updated: September 26, 2010

Free Flash Spinning Gallery – This free Flash spinning gallery does not require the Flash program in order to display your images in the Flash movie.  The free Flash spinning gallery is XML driven meaning that you just need to upload your images to the same folder as the Flash Spinning Gallery movie file.  This Free Flash gallery has 2 XML files that also need to go in the same folder as your image files and the Flash Gallery movie.  The XML files contain the names of the image files that the movie loads.  Instead of altering the names of the image files in the XML files you can just rename your images to pic1.jpg, pic2.jpg, etc. and upload them to your website.  You will find the original AS3 source code on the Flash & Math website.  A link has provided in the Free Flash Spinning gallery movie.

Click The Image To View The Free Flash Spinning Gallery – XML Driven

Free Flash XML Gallery - Spinning

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