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Advanced Wordpress Website Design & Development
Custom Wordpress Website Design & Development
Custom Advanced Worpress Website Design Coding
One of the common complaints we hear about free Wordpress themes is that most people are forced to fit their design ideas into the theme's design structure unless they know some coding. We custom code free Wordpress themes to your visual and technical design specifications. We also offer custom original Wordpress theme design. We also take it a step further with our advanced wordpress website designs. Click below to view advanced wordpress website designs created by AITpro.
Extremely Fast Preloading Custom Flash Movie
Our custom fast loading Flash movies are designed to be integrated into ANY type of website ~ Wordress, Joomla, osCommerce, CubeCart, etc.
Two of the biggest problems with using Flash on a website is the problem with slow page load time and the system resource drain when the Flash movie is playing. Also Flash movie controls - play, stop and pause should be a standard feature when adding Flash movies. We added a custom AS3 Flash preloader to load the website page as fast as if there is no Flash at all! The Flash movie does not slow down site navigation at all once it is initially loaded. System resource drain is very minimal with a peak of 15% system resource drain. See for yourself click the image below to go to the Vision Wordpress website. We can create a custom Flash movie that displays all of your products and services at a glance for max impact when a visitor first arrives at your website. The Flash movies are custom created by us in Flash. Our Flash movies are created from scratch and each movie is completely unique.
* Custom Coded Wordpress Website
You will not find another site exactly like this one and it cannot be duplicated by installing a simple Wordpress plugin. This makes the design absolutely unique and one of a kind! It can be copied of course, but that requires advanced coding knowledge. We can create any custom design style or visual appearance to suit your products or services. Imagine it and we will create it!
New Custom Wordpress Website or add-on to your existing website
We can custom code your existing Wordpress site no matter what Wordpress theme you are using, integrate a custom Wordpress site into your existing website to match your existing design seamlessly or create a brand new custom Wordpress website for you. Once again ~ imagine it and we will create it!
How much does a Custom Wordress Website Cost?
Custom Wordpress website with a custom designed Flash movie is $500.
Custom Wordpress website without a custom designed Flash movie is $300
Custom 30 second Flash movie is $200
* Flash movie design cost is based on a 30 second playing time. Movie play time is billed in 10 second play time increments after 30 seconds. Example: 38 second movie play time is billed at 40 seconds = $266.
* Complex website integration charge is $100. This charge does not apply if you already have a Wordpress website or a standard HTML template based website. This charge would only apply if you require Wordpress integration with Joomla for example.
How much time does it take to build a custom Wordpress website?
Turnaround time is 4 days. The wait time is currently 15 days to start any new website builds.
Can I just get the custom Wordpress website without the Flash movie?
Of course. We can add a static picture, slideshow or pretty much anything else you can think of if you want to use the particular design shown below or we can of course create a completely new one of a kind Wordpress website design for you.
Vision Wordpress Website
Dreamweaver Advanced Website Design and Development Features
Our advanced website design and development incorporates; visual design appeal, enhanced website functionality, advanced website design features and come complete with search engine optimized quality page content copy writing. We build complete websites that come fully ready to acheive top page rank. If you are just looking for a website template, then we are not the right choice for you. If you have a website template that you want developed, we are the right choice for you. We are also the right choice for you if you already have an existing website that requires advanced website development. We offer free advanced website design and development quotes and assessments.
Website Design Bullet Advanced Flash website design: Custom Wordpress Coding • Full Flash Websites • Flash Logos • Templates • Players • Galleries • Forms • Ads • AS2 • AS3 • Flex • AJAX • CSS
Website Design Bullet Advanced website Navigation Menus: Flash • DHTML • CSS • JavaScript
Website Design Bullet Advanced PHP Website Design & Coding
Website Design Bullet Custom Advanced website Forms: Email FormMail Forms • Contact Forms • HTML • Web Forms • PHP Forms • Flash Forms
Website Design Bullet Customized Advanced website Secure SSL PHP Login scripting
Website Design Bullet MySQL Database website Design & Development
Website Design Bullet Custom Advanced website buttons • Fireworks • AS2 • AS3 • CSS • Javascript • Flash Buttons
Website Design Bullet Customized advanced website CAPTCHA challenge-response verification code with embedded Media Player
Website Design Bullet Advanced website design includes complete website SEO
Website Design Bullet Advanced website design includes complete website quality page content copy writing
Client Case Study ~ Advanced Website Design & Development with SEO
Website Design Bullet

Vision Sign is a custom built advanced website designed by us in Dreamweaver. The main graphic design and Logo were designed by Vision Sign. We built their website based around their graphic design. This site is a great representation of both the design services Vision Sign offers as well as the advanced website design and development services that AITpro offers.The core site structure is HTML with advanced custom designed Flash AS3 menus, Flash Logo and various other Flash areas throughout the website. The custom search engine, contact form Formmailer with CAPTCHA + Audio and SSL secure login are customized PHP dynamic web pages. A Drag and Drop file upload Java Applet for clients to upload very large graphics files is located within a secured SSL login area that we custom coded to Vision's specifications.

Vision Sign Advanced Website Design
Vision Sign Advanced Website Design Features:
Throughout the Web site:
~ AS3 Flash Logo
~ AS3 Flash Navigation Menus
~ Flash Image Display
~ Sphider Search Engine
~ reindex your own web site as needed
~ Custom Fireworks Buttons
~ SpryWidget Collapsible Panels
Gallery Pages:
~ Flash Carousel Galleries
~ Flash Gallery Navigation buttons
Custom Contact Form:
~ SpryWidgets
~ SpryWidget Validator
~ Securimage CAPTCHA with embedded Media Player
~ Custom Fireworks buttons
~ FormMail formmailer
~ Coded to email a CSV data file
~ Coded to email an HTML page of the form submission
~ Coded to redirect visitor after form submission to custom Thank you page
~ Coded to email form error alerts to Vision Sign
SSL Secure Login Page:
~ Custom Secure PHP member Login script - MySQL member database
~ Drag and Drop Java Applet for large graphics file upload (2GB+)
~ upload page is not accessible without proper authentication
~ resumable interrupted file upload feature
~ Gzip compression
Vision Sign ~ Advanced Design, Development, Professional Image & SEO
So what have we done exactly for Vision Sign? Vision Sign offers excellent high quality products and services at very fair prices. So all that was required of us was to effectively portray their level of professional service, quality products and committment to excellent service. One very important factor that you will notice about their website content is that it is a direct reflection of who they genuinely are and what they have to offer. We wrote the actual SEO content, but those are Vision Sign's words. We started working with Vision Sign 1 year ago. Vision Sign has more than doubled their business in the past year with somewhere between 60-70% of that business coming directly from their website. We designed and optimized every single aspect of their site with the exception of the main carbon fiber graphic theme. Their website graphic theme itself stands as a prime example of the quality of Vision Sign's graphic design work.
Vision Sign ~ Overall Google Top 10 first search page rank results:
Website Design Bullet 4000+ ~ First search page rank results
Website Design Bullet 1000+ ~ #1 First search page rank results
Vision Sign WebStats 2009 ~ Total Unique Visitors 2009
Vision Sign Unique Visitors 2009
Vision Sign WebStats 2009 ~ Total Visitors 2009
Vision Sign Total Visitors 2009
AITpro offers free Advanced Website Design and Development quotes and assessments click here to contact us.

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* The new AITpro WordPress website *

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